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Full Zirconia

Full Contour Zirconia


Full Contour Zirconia restorations are the finest monolithic zirconia crowns available. The combination of strength, beauty and most importantly biocompatibility makes it an ideal restorative material. Zirconia material comes in three different levels of strength and translucency:

  • Type I-Katana from Noritaki=high translucency, which is suitable for a single unit and three unit bridge. It possesses the characteristics of natural enamel, with a strength of 600mp.
  • Type II- denser material with 50% translucency and 800mp. It is used where added strength is required along with translucency.
  • Type III- Segmax-the strongest and the densest form of zirconia. It has limited translucency with a strength of 1200-1500mp. It’s widely used for molars where strength is needed and for multiple unit bridges. It can be used for substructure crowns and bridges with porcelain overlay for added translucency.