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“Pearlfect Smile system provides the smile enhancing solution both clinicians and patients seek.  The Pearlfect Smile technique is quick, conservative and affordable.  Pearlfect restorations are lab fabricated, thin and highly aesthetic making them ideal for patients who seek a perfect smile without exposing sensitive tooth structure.  The dental team doesn’t have to worry about anesthesia, temporaries or technique-sensitive dentin bonding procedures which can make this more affordable for patients.  I have found these restorations to be superbly aesthetic, very easy to place and finish, and they give my patients their dream smile.”

Michael A. Miyasaki, DDS

“I wanted to send you a note regarding how pleased I have been with the Pearlfect Smile veneers. They are amazing! It is wonderful to be able to provide my patients with a truly conservative option that is also, hands down, the most natural looking veneer I have ever worked with. I love that Pearlfect Smile veneers can be minimal/no prep; but still give us beautiful, strong, natural looking restorations. The margins are always perfect and there is no bulkiness or over-contouring that I frequently see with other “no prep” veneers. In fact, when I consider esthetics, margins, contours and seating, I find the Pearlfect Smile veneers to be far superior to (top competitor). Pearlfect Smile veneers give me an uncompromising restoration which is remarkably easy to prepare and place. Thank you for introducing me to the Pearlfect Smile veneers. They have changed the way I practice dentistry. “

G. Paul King, DDS

“Having been heavily involved in the cosmetic dentistry world since the 1990’s, long before the Extreme Makeover wave, I have to say that the new Pearlfect Veneer system could be one of the biggest leaps that dentistry has seen as far as bringing something truly innovative to our patients.  I’ve been a clinical instructor at one of the country’s leading post grad institutes so I’ve seen lots of things come and go.  Of course I was skeptical that this new product could really perform as promised.  After seeing several completed cases, I felt more than comfortable placing Pearlfect Veneers on my own son.  Needless to say, I have been totally satisfied and of course, my son is thrilled!”

Mark Levy, DDS

“I have been working with Indirect composite restorations for years with great success!  Pearlfect laminate veneers offer patients a beautiful alternative to porcelain at a fraction of the cost!  That plus the fact that they are easier to place, finish, maintain, or repair make this system the “Pearlfect” solution for your patients aesthetic dental needs.”

Robert A. Lowe, DDS


“Working with Mizrachi Dental Lab over the last 22 years has allowed my patients to have the latest technology using the finest dental materials and combined with excellent workmanship to produce superb restorations.”

Jeffery Tilson, DDS