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Esthetic Restorations

The high quality materials and the state of the art technology we have available today makes the esthetic dental restorations more beautiful and natural looking than ever

Rehabilitative Implant Restorations

The Implant Dentistry is on the high rise and our skilled technicians are here to serve you and your practice when working with edentulous patients

Digital Dentistry

We accept all digital scans and digital impressions for single or multi-unit restorations, implants, surgical guides, sleep appliances, digital wax-ups and digital imaging.

Lunch & Learn sessions

Monthly Lunch & Learn sessions for you and your team. CE credits awarded

What are our clients saying about us ...

“Working with Mizrachi Dental Lab over the last 40 years has allowed my patients to have the latest technology using the finest dental materials and combined with excellent workmanship to produce superb restorations.”

Jeffery Tilson, DDS 

I highly recommend Mizrachi Dental Laboratory! I have been working with them for twenty years and they are absolutely committed to providing excellence in all they do. Mizrachi fabricates the most beautiful restorations that always have perfect fit and function. Moshe and his team excel with esthetics! They partner with us, and our patients, in creating amazing smiles in even the most challenging situations. From single units, to full mouth rehabilitation, it is always a pleasure to work with Mizrachi Dental Lab.

P. King, DDS 

Mizrachi Dental Lab puts out the best work that I’ve ever seen, hands down. Every case from them is perfect and they have made an incredible difference in so many of my patients lives. Cannot recommend them enough. What’s most important to me is that they are committed to a partnership with each dentist they work with. Communication is a priority for them and they really go the extra mile for that.

C. Culbertson, DDS 



Throughout our four decades of experience, we developed our core values, all pointing to achieving the highest level of quality dental products and services.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, by creating high-end cosmetic and implant restorations.

Our mission is to help you convert your patients into your raving fans, leading into increasing your profitability and professional satisfaction.


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